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Your accumulated wealth is at the center of many important aspects of your personal, family, and business life. Life Planning, Inc in Scottsdale. offers comprehensive legal services and legal document solutions designed to help you achieve your personal estate and business planning goals quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Failing to plan properly by not having the right legal documents in place may leave your family – and your wealth – vulnerable to the many unintended consequences that await the unprepared.

Life Planning Advocates stand ready to support your journey toward peace-of-mind and confidence knowing that your affairs are in good order and your Life Planning goals will be accomplished.

Estate Planning

Many people perceive the estate planning process to be morbid, stressful, and personally invasive. Plus, we don’t know where to start, what questions to ask, or whom to trust. At Life Planning, Inc. we believe the Life Planning process can and should be enjoyable and fulfilling, and we strive to bring that promise to life for each and every client. Life Planning Advocates (LPAs) use their skills and experience to minimize the burden and stress on you and your family. Organizing, managing, protecting and distributing your assets has never been easier!

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Business Planning

As business owners, we are often so focused on achieving our strategic goals that we fail to pay attention to the administrative requirements around our LLCs and Corporations. Regardless of the type of entity we select, certain administrative procedures must be followed in order to enjoy the benefits and protections that a well-documented, properly-administered entity can provide. New rules around LLC Operating Agreements (Revised Uniform Limited Liability Act) deserve special attention. Failure to address these changes in the law can produce onerous, unintended consequences for business owners and their partners.

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Asset Protection

The more successful we become in life, the greater the potential risks posed by creditors, lawsuits, judgments, and divorce. The best time to design and implement a plan to protect our assets from predators is when the sailing is smooth, with no trouble on the horizon. Once a lawsuit or other legal action has occurred or appears likely to arise, it’s usually too late. Attempts to re-arrange our affairs after-the-fact in order to shield assets from creditors may be deemed a ‘fraudulent transfer’ – not a good thing. Our Asset Protection Team has the qualifications and experience to help you protect your personal and business assets during your lifetime – and for future generations to come.

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Probate Management

Life Planning, Inc.’s Mission is to help families avoid Probate – a lengthy and expensive legal process that’s required if you die owning property in your own name. A Last Will and Testament will not help you to avoid Probate, contrary to popular belief. In fact, a Will is simply a note of your wishes to the Probate Judge who oversees the transfer of assets from you as a deceased person to your Executor, and from the Executor to your Beneficiaries. Probate can take more than a year to complete and can be very expensive. Our Team helps to relieve the burdens of Probate in circumstances where it’s required, expediting the process and reducing expenses wherever possible.

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Financial Institution Programs

Financial Institutions (FIs) including Banks, Credit Unions, and Broker/Dealers compete daily to acquire and retain high-value customers in a highly-commoditized, brand-sensitive marketplace. Our Financial Institution Program (FIP) enables Financial Institutions to differentiate themselves and their brands by offering Life Planning solutions across all lines of business. Engaging customers in a discussion around Estate, Business, and Asset Protection Planning, and offering them best-in-class solutions, will serve to enhance the value of your brand and create stickier client relationships spanning multiple generations.

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Tax Mitigation

As taxpayers, we have a responsibility to pay our fair share of taxes. However, the Tax Code (IRC) contains thousands of pages of tax-saving opportunities that most of us, including many of our CPAs, simply don’t know exist or how to implement. Life Planning, Inc. in conjunction with our elite Tax Planning Team, can help high-income earners and high-net-worth individuals and families reduce the burdens of taxation, legally and effectively.

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