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Estate and Business Planning Solutions in Scottsdale

Your accumulated wealth is at the center of many important aspects of your personal, family, and business life. Life Planning, Inc in Scottsdale. offers comprehensive legal services and legal document solutions designed to help you achieve your personal estate and business planning goals quickly, easily and cost-effectively.


Failing to plan properly by not having the right legal documents in place may leave your family – and your wealth – vulnerable to the many unintended consequences that await the unprepared.

Life Planning Advocates stand ready to support your journey toward peace-of-mind and confidence knowing that your affairs are in good order and your Life Planning goals will be accomplished.

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    Who We Are

    Life Planning, Inc. (LPI) provides solutions designed to help manage, protect, and distribute clients’ personal and business assets. We are not a law firm, we do not represent lawyers and we never give legal advice. All client information is treated as confidential – but not privileged information


    Our Services

    Estate Planning

    Many people perceive the estate planning process to be morbid, stressful, and personally invasive. Plus, we don’t know where to start, what questions to ask, or whom to trust. Read More

    Business Planning

    As business owners, we are often so focused on achieving our strategic goals that we fail to pay attention to the administrative requirements around our LLCs and Corporations. Read more

    Asset Protection

    The more successful we become in life, the greater the potential risks posed by creditors, lawsuits, judgments, and divorce. The best time to design and implement..
    Read more

    Probate Management

    Life Planning, Inc.’s Mission is to help families avoid Probate – a lengthy and expensive legal process that’s required if you die owning property in your own name.

    Read More

    Financial Institutions Program

    Financial Institutions (FIs) including Banks, Credit Unions, and Broker/Dealers compete daily to acquire and retain high-value customers in a highly-commoditized.. Read More

    Tax Mitigation

    As taxpayers, we have a responsibility to pay our fair share of taxes. However, the Tax Code (IRC) contains thousands of pages of tax-saving opportunities that most of us, including many of our CPAs..
    Read More