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Life Planning, Inc. (LPI) provides solutions designed to help manage, protect, and distribute clients’ personal and business assets. We are not a law firm, we do not represent lawyers and we never give legal advice. All client information is treated as confidential – but not privileged information.

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    Life Planning Advocates  (LPAs) are equipped to answer your business and estate planning questions quickly, easily and efficiently.

    Call anytime with questions and discover how easy it is to create affordable, comprehensive solutions that are custom-tailored to your individual needs, goals and circumstances.

    Take advantage of our broad experience and deep devotion to your complete satisfaction throughout the entire process… it’s a big part of what makes our service so valuable!


    Get answers to your most pressing questions – we’ll provide you with all the legal information you’ll need to make fully-informed decisions for yourself. And remember, your initial, no-obligation consultation won’t cost you a thing!


    We meet with you either in-person or via secure, interactive Web- teleconference, depending on your location, preference, and schedule. We help to educate and empower you to make important decisions quickly, easily and confidently with a proven, user-friendly process.

    Together, we create custom-tailored documents that reflect your unique goals and circumstances, using industry best-practices.
    The result is a custom designed, comprehensive Life Plan that gives you Peace of Mind!


    With Life Planning, Inc., you are always in the driver’s seat. YOU determine how much help you need in evaluating your options and accomplishing your goals. We are here to serve you and your family exactly the way you wish to be served.

    No matter what stage of the process you find yourself, we can help. Together, we will discover how best to proceed with the creation and implementation of your Life Planning documents.

    When you’re ready, your Life Planning Advocate (LPA) will walk you through each phase of the process. Your LPA will give you the information and support you need to make the best possible decisions.

    Your privacy is very important to us, as well. We are committed to keeping your confidential information safe and secure, and will never share your private information with third parties. Our Privacy Policy is written assurance that we will safeguard your personal information.

    We appreciate the confidence you are placing in us, and are devoted to serving your Life Planning needs with a high degree of competence and integrity. We proudly, unconditionally guarantee your complete satisfaction!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NO! Any competent, appropriately licensed professional can prepare binding legal documents, whether a Lawyer or a Certified Legal Document Preparer (CLDP). Simply being a Lawyer does not guarantee competence in the area of Estate Planning.

    There are three kinds of taxes: Income, Capital  Gain and Estate. First, there’s very little we can do to reduce income taxes. However, Living Trusts are generally ‘income tax neutral’ and will neither reduce nor increase the income tax you owe. Capital gains taxes may be minimized or eliminated in Community Property states, thanks to the ‘step up in cost basis’ afforded to Community Property. Finally, estates larger than $11.58 million per person are generally subject to the Federal Estate Tax. Spouses may combine their individual estate tax exemptions to shelter up to $23.16 million from ‘death taxes’.

    Certain administrative requirements must be met in order for an LLC or a Corporation to protect its owner(s) in the event of a lawsuit or IRS audit. Operating Agreements and Bylaws spell out operational duties and requirements, and Meeting Minutes constitute ‘written permission’ for managers and officers to take proscribed actions. Failure to maintain adequate Company Records can lead to ‘piercing the veil’, thus making owners and shareholders personally responsible.
    Company Records should be amended in a variety of circumstances, including: 1) Change of ownership, whether by sale, acquisition, death or some other qualifying event; 2) Meeting Minutes kept at least annually, if not more frequently; and 3) a change in the Law. Arizona recently adopted the Arizona Limited Liability Company Act (“ALLCA”) which requires that ALL Arizona multi-member LLC Operating Agreements be modified to comply with the Act’s new provisions, no later than January 1, 2021.
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