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Asset Protection – What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Assets

Protecting your assets is important because it serves as a barrier between an individual and their creditors if someone is being sued or is going through a divorce. Warner Lewis of Life Planning, Inc discusses Asset Protection in the Legal Concierge podcast What You Don’t Know About Asset Protection.” 

In the podcast, Warner discusses many aspects of asset protection such as Estate Planning, Business Planning and Privacy & Asset Protection Planning. 

He breaks these down further and into Wills, Trusts, POAs, how best to avoid Probate, as well as protecting assets of LLCs, Corporations, formation, maintaining compliance. He also discusses Holding Companies, the differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts so you can decide what is best for your situation.

Have you ever wondered about Asset Protection? Or if it is possible to protect your assets from predators like creditors, judgments, lawsuits and divorces. 

In this video podcast you can find answers to the following questions and more:

11:17 – Does an LLC protect personal assets?

11:56 – Is there such a thing as guaranteed asset protection?

19:22 – What are the tax consequences of joint tenancy with right of survivorship?

20:48 – What is the difference between joint tenancy vs community property

45:55 – What do you recommend for asset protection with property management?

47:28 – What are the basics that need to be done for compliance with an LLC? Do you have a guide/download for this?

If you are interested in jumping to a specific segment, click on the timestamp below for the segment.

3:45 – Key Concepts & Strategies

12:59 – Joint Tenancy vs Community Property

23:24 – QTIPs & QPRTs

27:42 – Revocable vs Irrevocable Trusts

31:36 – Single Member LLC vs Multi-Member LLC

51:07 – Asset Protection Essentials

Warner get answers to all your asset protection questions on this Legal Concierge Live podcast.

The information provided in this video/podcast is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal, financial, or medical advice of any kind. Warner Lewis of Life Planning, Inc is a trusted, reliable resource to help you find the answers you need when you’re not sure who to turn to if you have a legal question or need a lawyer. 

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