Is Your Arizona LLC in Compliance?

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If you own an Arizona LLC, you are required to maintain an operating agreement that complies with the NEW LLC LAW –  Arizona Limited Liability Company Act (“ALLCA”)? Failure to comply with the New Law could result in horrendous consequences.

Recent estimates show that nearly 95% of existing Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”) in Arizona do not meet the current administrative requirements established under the New LLC Law. If you fail to observe these new formalities relating to your exercise of powers or management of your affairs under the LLC, you could face major problems.

For instance, The New LLC Law (ARS 29-3407) requires that ALL actions taken on behalf of the LLC be approved by a formal vote of the Members or Managers, or by “consent of the Members or Managers”. Voting results and the “consent” of Members or Managers are typically captured in writing using “Meeting Minutes”. Without Meeting Minutes, no valid written record exists of the required vote or consent. Are all of your actions taken on behalf of your LLC agreed to by a vote or written consent? We can help!

We’re here to guide you on the path to corporate compliance and peace of mind!  Our new E-Book (Will Your LLC Produce an EPIC FAIL?) covers information you’ll need to protect yourself and your partners. It’s filled with valuable tips and insights to help ensure your LLC delivers the benefits and protections you expect.

LifePlanning Inc. is uniquely equipped to guide you through the complex and byzantine maze of estate and business planning do’s and don’ts. For clarity, compliance, and peace of mind – better, faster, and more cost-effectively – schedule a no-cost consultation today!

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