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Preparing your Will and Trust – Overview of the Process

Do you have questions about wills and trusts? Get an overview of the process from start to finish in the Legal Concierge video podcast Preparing your Will and Trust. We will also answer your legal questions, such as exploring your legal options and potential courses of action and introducing them to the most competent attorney at a reasonable cost.

If you are interested in jumping to a specific segment in the Preparing Your Will and Trust video podcast, click on the timestamp below for the segment.

17:04 – Why People Plan

20:08 – Why More People Don’t Plan

23:14 – Problems with Planning

34:41 – Transferring your Estate

38:56 – Definition of a Will

40:02 – About Probate

44:37 – Wills vs Trusts

46:44 – Life Planning Essentials


In this video podcast you can find answers to the following questions and more:

26:32 I have seen Suze Orman push a will and trust kit review. Do you do this?

28:05 Do you need a will if you have a trust?

29:59 Dave Ramsey offers help for wills and trusts. Thoughts on this?

31:50 Trust and will vs Legalzoom? Should I invest the time and money with Legalzoom?

32:47 Anything unique about Arizona when it comes to wills and trusts?

52:19 Can you establish criteria that are “condition-based?” For example, could you use “upon graduation from college,” as a condition?


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